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Hotel Feature: The W – Chicago

I stayed at the W Chicago on Lakeshore Drive over the Labor day weekend and had an amazing time. The trip was booked through Expedia at $212/night a bit higher than the current going rate of $190/night due to the holiday weekend. The main reason I decided to book this particular hotel was due to its vicinity to downtown Chicago.  W Chicago – Lakeshore is located within walking distance from the Navy Pier, Lake Michigan and Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

Let me tell you something, typically hotel pictures are photo-shopped and carefully positioned in angles that make hotels look magical. However, in this case there is little difference between the artistic photo posted by the hotel and the one below posted by me. SONY DSC

The retro yet modern style mixed with abstract patterns and striking pops of vibrant electric hues of reds, yellows and blues created a hip, relaxing and upscale ambiance.

During my two-day stay at W, I came across numerous surprisingly pleasant details such as the pillow below capturing the Chicago skyline.


Somehow what I was wearing that day, matched perfectly with the room decor.


Given that I jet-set on a ‘budget’, I did not want to pay extra for my room to have a view. I lucked out because the view on my particular floor was breathtaking. I took the following video for my #InstaStory as I was waiting for the elevator (follow me on Instagram @joablife).


My favorite part of the hotel was the main lobby with the abstract still life portraits and a message that resonated with me “It’s OK to feel human”.


After using the hotel pool and spa, I came across, yet another, pleasant surprise, the balcony lounge. Located on the same floor as the hotel spa, the balcony lounge displays magnificent penthouse views of lake Michigan, furnished with comfy plush couches decorated in white and hues of neon lime colors and casual appearances of oriental style flower fixtures.




Needless to say, this place made me happy, I did not want to leave…


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